Just as the saying goes “A diamond is forever” the same is true for a song.  How many times have you had the experience of hearing a song that instantly floods you with memories, taking you away to a specific moment in your life?  Imagine that experience, except this time it’s a song specifically about you!


Read what people are saying:

About Tita's custom songwriting:

“Tita wrote a song for my wedding.  In one word: AMAZING!!!  She captured our feelings in the entire song.  She included sayings that mean so much only to us.  Listening to her sing the song while I danced in my husband’s arms is a memory I will never forget.  My daughters (6, 9) were so happy and loved that their names were in the song.”
Melissa K
Cottage Grove

“Tita performed at my wedding. She took the time to hear our story and learn many things about us. She took that information and wrote the most touching song I have ever heard. This song will always mean the world to me because it tells our story. My kids will be able to share it with their kids and it will never lose its place in the hearts of our family for generations to come. Tita is an amazing woman, artist, songwriter and friend.”

“I loved the songs you did for ma and for dad. It brought tears to my eyes and you captured the important times in and during their lives. I am amazed at the talent that you demonstrate in making the thoughts and feelings something so tangible. The music and lyrics go so well together and I will cherish this for many years to come and so will other generations. Thank you.”
Cris Borland
Daly City, CA.

“Tita did a fantastic job of creating our ‘own’ song that is special for us — truly a gift!”
Erin A

“I am a Wedding and Portrait Photographer and I have heard Tita’s songs sung in churches…they have so much meaning and love in each song she creates. She is truly talented and gifted. Trust her to make your Wedding Day dreams come true! Also, thank you again for the beautiful song and the beautiful words…it’s so special that we have a song just for Grandma.”
Janeen Nelson

“Luisa, you have a wonderful ability to create music around a specific theme.”
Michael H
Hanford, CA.

“Luisa…. When I think of your songwriting and your singing performance, I think of music that touches the heart.”
Dennis Pumford,
Redding, CA.

About Tita's performances:

“When I went to experience Tita’s music in an intimate setting, I found it to be just that: welcoming and intimate.  You could have a conversation at your table and still be part of the entertainment.  On my table we had a booklet with over 200 songs we could call out and ask her to play…we could sing along or just listen.  I found the people at my table sharing their memories and love of the songs.  It was such an easy and enjoyable evening; I would recommend Tita for many different Venues with all that talent!” Linda Burden-Williams
IN FOCUS, Camera acting and Production

“I have listened to Tita sing at venues including Saginaw Vineyard. She captivates her audience with her music and enthusiastic attitude. She loves her music and she radiates when she sings! She has a beautiful voice, and I can listen to her for hours and be happy and content. Her music lifts my spirits, and my family will continue to follow Tita around to different venues to listen to her sing her beautiful music!”
Melissa K.
Cottage Grove, OR.

“I have had the honor of not only listening to her performances but to get to know Tita, and find her to be an engaging personality. You can really feel it in her performances and hear it in her original songs. I was lucky enough to be the 100th “like” on her Facebook Page and received a free CD, which I listen to often. If you have not heard Tita Luisa perform, you are definitely in for a treat when you do!”
Jeff Thompson,
JST Consulting – IT Training at its Best

“You have a lovely stage presence and you’re so sweet that I think people can’t help but like you….Thank-you for coming out and playing for us.”
Karen Proden
Saginaw Vineyard

“A talented guitarist, singer and songwriter, (Tita) Luisa’s positive energy shines through her every performance.”
Jim Miles

“I have had the amazing blessing to be able to work with Tita and then call her my friend. I first hired Tita to perform in my lounge where she was amazing. She brought a good following of fans with her, which is always nice, and she entertained the guests while still allowing them to be able to communicate with each other. She has the great ability to engage the crowd and make them feel like she is singing directly to them. I would highly recommend hiring her to any person who is looking for personable, high quality entertainment for your Venue or event.”
Thomas K.
Cottage Grove, OR.

“You were amazing on my wedding day. You were a Godsend and the kids had an absolute blast!! And that’s what I wanted…thank thank thank you!!!”
Melissa K.
Cottage Grove, OR.

About Tita's Event Speaking:

“I lost a young man who would have been my son, to war. I’ve never heard a song that I felt in my heart the way your song sat in mine. Thank you for singing out loud what my heart still feels. Your words have endeared me to you! You touched me very deeply!”

Kimberly Bassett-Ficklin, Happy Healthy Life Plan

“I am as musically inclined as a tree trunk, so when you told us we were going to write a song, I was like, “yeah, right”. However, as you lead us through the process of breaking it down, selecting a song we loved, I got excited! I might be able to actually do this I thought! You are so gifted! You delivered the message with love and understanding for everyone, and most of all, it was fun! Thank you so very much for sharing this with us!”

Michelle Duke

“I pulled over on my way home from CCIC just to give you my feedback…gifted, creative and full of talent…Thank you for your workshop on writing songs. Hope your HEART is full. I’m blessed to know you!”

Treesa Lotta Svatos‎ 

“Tita, I was touched deeply by the song you wrote, T-shirt. It was moving and telling, the story brought tears to my eyes. I was able to hear Leslie Ann Akin‘s song today and laughed so hard! You are incredible.”

Anita Stewart

“Tita Luisa is a remarkable talent who teaches from the heart. Her workshop on song writing is part skill and part personal development. If you’ve ever wondered how to more fully express yourself and become the creative you always longed to be, engage with Tita. You’ll find yourself tapping into abilities you never knew you had! You did a great job, Tita! Thank you.”

Michelle Pierson Young

“The word “voice” can be used to sing or speak, to be a medium of expression as in a writers voice, or the expression of essence. Tita Luisa Freytag uses them all in her magical presentations at tlsongwriting.com! Using her own beautiful voice to call out the voice of essence in us all, she transformed a room full of business women into songwriters in a matter of minutes. Her natural warmth and passion for connecting people to their creativity, shined through as she held the light for our journey to find out own inner voices”.

Terry Daggett 

“Tita Luisa “Songwriting for the Soul” workshop, a pathway for healing…Tita brings a wonderful and soulful approach to healing through songwriting. Her teaching style empowered everyone to embrace their inner songwriter without judgment and allowed the songs to flow freely from their body, mind and spirit. This was good medicine”.

Maria Anderson

“I attended Tita’s amazing presentation on song writing to express your emotions, which a healthy way to let go…At ifirst I thought, “no way can I write a song, ” when I can barely read music! I do enjoy music immensely, though, just by appreciation only. By the end of the presentation I miraculously had my lyrics and tune! It’s an amazing way to express yourself, your thoughts and emotions and ideas. I could never have done this without the encouragement and guidance Tita provided all of us! It was most enjoyable!”

Mimi Hughes

Tita Luisa Freytag is a gifted musician who is able to listen to your vision, purpose, and values and create a magical song or jingle unique to you that captures what the entrepreneur feels in their heart. I was so grateful and surprised when she put the Chicks Connect Creed to music and then sang the jingle at the beginning of our annual event. I would highly recommend Tita for your own personal or business song. Call her today.

Jewels Muller CEO and Founder of Chicks Connect, Inc

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